Industry Association Names Experian a Market Leader for Fraud Prevention and Account Opening 

Published: September 25, 2023 by Jesse Hoggard

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In today’s fast-paced financial landscape, financial institutions must stay ahead of the curve when it comes to account opening and onboarding. Digital account opening, empowering a prospective client to securely and efficiently open a new account, is key to how banks, credit unions and other financial institutions grow their business and expand their portfolio. Regardless of the time, money and other resources a financial institution invests in marketing to the right target prospect and tailoring an attractive offer, it’s worthless if that prospective customer can’t complete the process due to a poor account opening experience. Unhappy customers vote with their feet. A recent Experian study found that of the more 2,000 consumers surveyed who’d opened a new account in the last six months, 37% took their business elsewhere due to a negative account opening experience.

The choice of a reliable partner can make all the difference to your account opening and onboarding experience. The right partner must provide your financial institution with access to the freshest credit data; advanced analytics, scores and models to empower you to say yes to the right customers that meet your lending criteria; and industry-leading decision engines that make the best decisions and enable you to provide a seamless customer experience. Moreover, the right partner will also help you in maintaining high levels of security without compromising user experience, all while adhering to regulatory compliance.

Recently, Liminal, a leading advisory and market intelligence firm specializing in the digital identity, cybersecurity, and fintech markets, released its highly anticipated Link™ Index Report for Account Opening in Financial Services, which evaluates solution providers in the financial sector, in the areas of compliance and fraud prevention for account opening. The report recognized Experian as a market leader for compliance and fraud prevention capabilities and market execution. Experian’s identity verification and fraud prevention solutions, including CrossCore® and Precise ID®, received the highest score out of the 32 companies highlighted in the report. It found that Experian was recognized by 94% of buyers and 89% identified Experian as a market leader.  

“We’re thrilled to be named the top market leader in compliance and fraud prevention capabilities and execution by Liminal’s Link Index Report,” said Kathleen Peters, Chief Innovation Officer for Experian’s Decision Analytics business in North America. “We’re continually innovating to deliver the most effective identity verification and fraud prevention solutions to our clients so they can grow their business, mitigate risk and provide a seamless customer experience.”

You can access the full report here. To learn more about Experian’s award-winning fraud solutions, visit our identity fraud hub

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