How Many Ways Can You Deliver a Firm Offer of Credit?

April 26, 2022 by Theresa Nguyen

The Marketing Rule of Seven means it usually takes at least seven impressions before a consumer is compelled to act. When extending firm offers of credit to consumers, lenders have long relied on direct mail and more recently email to reach their intended audiences. But what if there are more ways to deliver a credit offer? Let’s explore how digital display retargeting can help you maximize your campaign performance and profitability.

What is digital display retargeting?

Digital display retargeting allows lenders to present a firm offer of credit on digital and mobile to complement a direct mail or email prescreen campaign. This solution takes credit marketing to a whole new level — instead of relying solely on direct mail or email, lenders can amplify firm offers of credit on channels like social media or authenticated websites to maximize their reach. With spending more time on these channels, digital display retargeting can provide them  with an additional opportunity to respond.

Reaching the right consumers with the right offer

While echoing the same credit offer on multiple channels can help elicit higher response rates, how do lenders decide to which consumer to extend that offer to? Experian’s credit database provides lenders with fresh consumer information to help them determine what kind of credit offers may be most appealing to each unique individual. Through Amplified Prospecting, lenders can then gain accurate consumer identification and matching in digital display channels to ensure offers are reaching consumers most likely to respond.

Maximize your campaign reach

With the combined strengths of Experian’s consumer credit data and Amplified Prospecting, lenders can extend firm offers of credit to prescreened consumers across multiple touchpoints, helping them to achieve greater visibility and higher response rates. To learn more about how Experian can help you level up your credit marketing campaigns, visit us today.

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