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According to Alix Partners,  sales of 17.5 million units in 2016 might have been the high-water sales mark, at least through 2022. They forecast the next five years sales will range between 16.6 million to 16.8 million annaully. Don’t pass up Experian Automotive’s latest white paper to see what you may be missing to push towards a strong growth mode. Even when facing the challenges of shrinking gross profits, higher advertising expenses and increased competition.

This white paper “Data Tools Evolve to Give Dealers an Edge in a Tight Sales Market” takes a look at how new data and analytic tools and strategies can provide deeper insights to help you sell more cars.

  • Review recent market sales statistics, historical sales trends and how dealers reacted during similar market conditions in the past.
  • Learn the importance of customer conquesting and approaches to get actionable intelligence about your local markets.
  • Find out how data and analytics can fit for any dealership - not just the mega-dealers.
  • Get a look at the latest data driven approaches and how they can be implemented quickly and cost effectively by dealers of any size.

Don’t go another day without the intelligence in this white paper to learn what you may be missing to unlock sales.

Data Tools Evolve to Give Dealers an Edge in a Tight Sales Market

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