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Are you guarding your business against the cost of future compliance issues?

Everytime your businesses accepts a consumer application for credit, you could be at risk of fraud.  With annual application fraud losses measuring in the tens of billions of dollars, it pays to have a reliable and secure authenticaltion process in place.

Take advantage of our strong, comprehensive authentication solution to combat multiple challenges: identity theft, fraud risks associated with a steep rise in e-commerce activity, international crime organizations and increasingly stringent legislation.

Identity Check

Since risk is something all businesses face, it’s how you manage that risk that determines your ability to succeed and grow. In today’s market, it takes more than making a sound offer of credit to be successful. It’s equally important to manage against the real threats of fraud.

Our wide range of automotive credit products start by helping you address Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC ) Screen TM  and FACTA Red Flags Rule requirements. We continue by helping you better interpret consumers’ automotive credit applications, manage, and monitor the health of your portfolio, improve collection strategies, and guard against a multitude of fraud risks. 

Red Flags Rule

Addressing Red Flags Rule

It has never been more important to take an active and informed stance against potential fraud. We have the most effective tools in place to manage your risk.

Now you can simply and easily increase compliance by being alerted to:

  • Mismatches in personal identification information. 
  • Credit profile freezes and credit alerts 
  •  High-risk and known fraud addresses


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