Strategy Management powered by PowerCurve

Better customer decisions are a powerful force for raising business performance. Precisely targeted decisions, consistently executed across the Customer Life Cycle, can drive profitability. To increase the pace of improvement and accelerate return on investment (ROI), however, you need efficient and effective methods of developing and deploying insightful decision strategies. To stay competitive and adapt to dynamic business conditions, you need agile ways of affecting change.

Strategy Management Systems

Strategy Management powered by PowerCurve tightly links strategy design with strategy execution. So you get quick, painless deployments and unmatched performance monitoring, with results mapped back to your individual strategies. This complete loop architecture accelerates your test-and-learn cycles. It also helps you recognize early signs of market and customer behavior changes so you can more quickly adapt your decisioning strategies to avoid negative impacts and take advantage of opportunities.

Decision Strategy

Additional speed and agility come from business users having a more direct role in developing and improving decisions. Powerful capabilities that are also extremely easy to use accelerate time to market for new and updated strategies while reducing demands on analysts and IT.

Users can quickly build and refine strategies by dragging and dropping decision-ready data and reusable elements, such as a risk scorecard, a segmentation scheme or a standard calculation from a common repository.

Strategy templates and industry best practices

Accelerate strategy development by providing users with the ability to create, copy and modify templates to support a gallery of personalized ready-made strategy content.

Strategy Management

• Easily incorporate new decisioning capabilities into your existing environment

• Drive higher decisioning performance and ROI throughout your organization

• Accelerate time to market while boosting overall productivity

• Adapt and maneuver in ever-changing markets

How the new edition Strategy Management enables these capabilities

• Open, modular framework

Shared data, analytics, software and capabilities across the customer lifecycle

• More focus on a decision-centric approach than current solutions

• Seamless integration and shared capabilities across the customer lifecycle

• Creation and inclusion of new and innovative products

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For more than 30 years, Experian Decision Analytics has been managing and enriching customer data to help organizations like yours make better credit risk decisions. Our powerful decisioning products and services combine data intelligence, analytics, software, reporting and consulting to turn insights into actions that improve business performance. We have clients in more than 90 countries and local offices around the world. Our expertise in analytics, software and best practices is market-proven and thoroughly global.