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Self-Pay Coverage FinderSM

Leverage Data to Reduce Misclassified Accounts

Registration errors, changing insurance and patient miscommunication can lead to the misclassification of accounts as self-pay, increasing the probability that an account will turn into bad debt. Even when caught early, misclassification errors often impact A/R days, payment speed and cash flow.

Experian Health Self-Pay Coverage FinderSM leverages in-depth eligibility knowledge and payer relationships, combined with data and analytics to review information, correct errors and identify active coverage. By re-classifying accounts proactively and earlier in the revenue cycle, healthcare organizations can submit claims to payers faster, as well as increase revenue and enhance productivity.

Identify the Right Coverage and Increase Revenue

By automating the self-pay process, Self-Pay Coverage Finder identifies coverage using the most up-to-date payer data. A search of commercial, Medicare and Medicaid insurance plans reveals and prioritizes available coverage. When paired with Experian Health Patient Identity Verification, Self-Pay Coverage Finder recognizes and corrects routine registration and data entry errors such as incorrect birth dates and transposed Social Security numbers — ultimately reducing misclassified accounts and realizing previously unclaimed revenue.

Improve Productivity, Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Flexible, user-defined work queues streamline workflow, allowing staff to focus on the timely submission of insurance-eligible accounts. Self-Pay Coverage Finder reduces administrative time spent trying to collect on accounts with incorrect information. Using actionable data — such as the correct payer and plan — minimizes payment misunderstandings and unnecessary collections activities, creating more efficiency for staff, increasing payment opportunities and improving patient satisfaction.

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