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Coverage Discovery®

Find Hidden Coverage to Reduce Bad Debt Write-Offs

Experian Health's Coverage Discovery helps healthcare providers find billable Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurances that were previously overlooked by external vendors or internal staff. It identifies billable accounts that may be submitted for immediate payment as primary, secondary or tertiary coverage.

In many instances, these accounts are unnecessarily destined for write-off or inappropriately qualified as charity. Coverage Discovery also detects and corrects discrepancies on patient accounts that can cause inaccurate financial classifications.

Coverage Discovery delivers immediate and tangible results that quickly add to your bottom line.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce overall patient accounts receivable and bad debt write-offs
  • Improve the accuracy of charity care distribution and reporting
  • Identify Medicaid and Medicare-eligible inpatient accounts for Disproportionate Share Hospital cost reports
  • Avoid unnecessary back-end labor attempting to collect reimbursable charges from patients
  • Improve staff workflow efficiency by eliminating manual processes

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