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PriorityScore for CollectionsSM

PriorityScore for CollectionsSM is Experian's suite of debt collection recovery models designed to be integrated into your operations to increase dollars collected and optimize resources.

Maximize Your Margins

Using a state-of-the-art blended recovery model like PriorityScore for Collections helps companies:

  • Focus on debtor accounts with the ability to pay to eliminate wasteful spending
  • Reduce workflow treatment expenses on collection accounts that are least likely to pay
  • Confidently identify collection accounts to sell or send out to third party

Features and Benefits

  • Blends fresh credit data with critical account-level information to help you accurately score nearly every account; more predictive than either one of these data types alone
  • Recovery models are specific to your debt type, the age of the debt and the industry to be more predictive than generic pooled models
  • Provides you with two scores: a traditional payment incidence score and a unique dollar score to help identify not only who has the propensity to pay, but who will pay the most
  • Industry-specific recovery models, spanning more than 15 debt types, include:
    • Card
    • Deposit
    • Health care
    • Utility
    • Other industries

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