Every portfolio has a set of delinquent customers. It’s a frustrating reality, but true. A standard approach to limiting losses is to work all accounts with limited segmentation, but we can help you develop a more focused strategy. Our debt management and recovery tools enable you to profitably segment, prioritize and locate debtor accounts in a compliant, effective manner. In short, we’ll arm you with predictive analytics and deep data so your business can collect more, with less.




Locate Hard-to-Find Debtors

Delinquent customers don’t always want to be found. Tap into tools to find them and start collecting.






Optimize Your Collections

All delinquent customers are not the same. Design a workflow to capitalize on your collection efforts.






Predict Debtor Behavior

Deep data and analytics, can predict consumer payment behavior and proactively adjust credit lines to limit losses.



Thought Leadership

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