The current state of credit

December 3, 2015 by Carrie Janot

Experian® recently released the 2015 State of Credit report, which analyzes key credit metrics across the nation. Some year-over-year highlights:

  • The national average VantageScore® credit score increased by 3 points, from 666 to 669
  • Mortgage originations increased by 42.5%
  • Bankcard lending increased slightly, with the average number of bankcards up 2.8%
  • Retail cards continued to grow, with a 10.8% increase in new card originations
  • Delinquencies on bankcards and retail cards declined by 4.4%

Lenders can capitalize on this growth trend by staying on top of the latest credit trends and using advanced analytics to increase profitability.

>> Infographic: What Is Your State of Credit?

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