Across the Universe of Alternative Credit Data

May 22, 2019 by Stefani Wendel

The universe has been used as a metaphor for many things – vast, wide, intangible – much like the credit universe. However, while the man on the moon, a trip outside the ozone layer, and all things space from that perspective may seem out of touch, there is a new line of access to consumers. In Experian’s latest 2019 State of Alternative Credit Data report, consumers and lenders alike weigh in on the growing data set and how they are leveraging the data in use cases across the lending lifecycle.

While the topic of alternative credit data is no longer as unfamiliar as it may have been a year or two ago, the capabilities and benefits that can be experienced by financial institutions, small businesses and consumers are still not widely known.

Did you know?:

–  65% of lenders say they are using information beyond the traditional credit report to make a lending decision.

–  58% of consumers agree that having the ability to contribute payment history to their credit file make them feel empowered.

–  83% of lenders agree that digitally connecting financial account data will create efficiencies in the lending process.

These and other consumer and lender perceptions of alternative credit data are now launched with the latest edition of the State of Alternative Credit Data whitepaper. This year’s report rounds up the different types of alternative credit data (from alternative financial services data to consumer-permissioned account data, think Experian BoostTM), as well as an overview of the regulatory landscape, and a number of use cases across consumer and small business lending.

In addition, consumers also have a lot to say about alternative credit data:

With the rise of machine learning and big data, lenders can collect more data than ever, facilitating smarter and more precise decisions.

Unlock your portfolio’s growth potential by tapping into alternative credit data to expand your consumer universe. Learn more in the 2019 State of Alternative Credit Data Whitepaper.

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