The Electric Vehicle (EV) Market Remained Dynamic in 2023

Published: April 23, 2024 by Kirsten Von Busch

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With wider model availability and technology continuing to develop, the electric vehicle (EV) market experienced shifting in 2023, most notably among the top five newly registered models. According to Experian’s Electric Vehicles 2023 Year in Review, Tesla only made up two of the top five newly registered models in 2023, compared to four of the top five a year prior.

The Tesla Model Y made up 36.8% of new retail EV registrations in 2023, followed by the Tesla Model 3 (19.6%), Volkswagen ID.4 (3.4%), Ford Mustang Mach-E (2.9%) and Chevrolet Bolt EUV (2.8%). The Volkswagen ID.4 and Chevrolet Bolt EUV were the newest entrants to the top five, replacing the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S.

EV registrations grow

We’re also witnessing shoppers gravitate toward EVs more often than in years past. For instance, of the 11.8 million new retail registrations in 2023, more than 8% were EVs. Comparatively, of the 12.3 million new retail registrations in 2022, just over 6% were EVs.

It’s notable that EVs continue to be most popular on the West Coast—particularly in California and Washington. According to the data, 33% of new retail EV registrations were in California—Los Angeles (170,000+), San Francisco (90,000+) and San Diego (30,000+) were among the top five DMAs for new retail EV registrations, along with Seattle, Washington (35,000+).

While California exhibits robust EV registration growth, other states show the potential to expand, something automotive professionals should keep in mind.

For instance, El Paso, Texas, was the fastest growing DMA for new retail EV registrations—with an 89.5% five year, year-over-year growth average, Savannah, Georgia, came in second at 81.8%, followed by Peoria-Bloomington, Illinois (76.7%), and Waco, Texas (73.7%).

EV buyer insight

Beyond the “what” and “where” of the EV market, the “who” is perhaps most important. Which customers have the highest propensity to buy an EV? According to the data, Gen Xers accounted for 32.0% of new retail registrations in 2023, however they accounted for 37.7% of new EV retail registrations over the same period. Similarly, millennials accounted for 24.5% of new retail registrations, yet made up 30.6% of new EV retail registrations in 2023; the only two generational demographics to over index on EV purchases.

As professionals in the automotive industry find ways to stay ahead of the evolving EV landscape, leveraging data will enable them to understand and identify emerging opportunities to tailor their marketing strategies to a consumer’s needs.

To learn more about EV trends, view the full Electric Vehicles 2023 Year in Review.

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