Experian Wins Info Security 2017 Global Excellence Awards

February 15, 2017 by Matt Tatham

info-security-experian-awardFraud platform receives global recognition at 13th Annual Info Security Products Guide’s 2017 Global Excellence Awards®

Successfully managing fraud happens when companies stay ahead of fast-paced threats. Experian helps businesses across the globe with this reason in mind. Our recently released fraud and identity platform, CrossCore™ won New Security Product or Service and Security Product Management / Development Team of the Year awards at the 13th Annual Info Security Products Guide’s 2017 Global Excellence Awards®.

“We are proud to be recognized for helping organizations catch fraud faster while making it safe for consumers to go about their daily routine. This is what inspires Experian to create innovative fraud and identity solutions that benefit consumers, companies and the entire industry,” said Steve Platt, global executive vice president, Fraud and Identity, Experian. “For the first time, companies can use an open platform ― CrossCore ― to  manage their entire fraud and identity portfolio, keep up with the speed of fraud, and deliver a great customer experience.”

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The Info Security Products Guide’s 2017 Global Excellence Awards are the security industry’s premier global excellence awards program, honoring achievements in every facet of security and information technology. These prestigious awards recognize security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher in all areas of security and technologies.Experian connects new and existing fraud and identity systems in one central place. The plug-and-play capability blends disparate products and services through a common access point, enabling a layered approach to managing risks. CrossCore has a powerful workflow and strategy design capabilities that allow fraud and compliance teams to rapidly create and adapt based on evolving threats and business needs. This has been a game changer, allowing organizations to better control risk exposure while providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for customers.