AutoCheck Vehicle History Reports

The industrial-strength vehicle history report that automotive professionals trust to make better choices and help manage risk.

Experian’s AutoCheck® empowers Dealers, Lenders, Auto Auctions, and other industry professionals with reliable data insights to make more informed business decisions.

We have tens of thousands of distinct accident sources, many provided only to AutoCheck. This includes 95% of all U.S. Auction Houses, with most reporting structural damage announcements exclusively to AutoCheck.

Only AutoCheck vehicle history reports include the patented AutoCheck Score®, which summarizes vehicle history data into an easy-to-understand number, along with an equivalent score range.

Did you know?

AutoCheck receives reported accident data in weeks, rather than months after an accident occurs, to ensure the highest level of reporting accuracy.

Why choose AutoCheck?  Better information. Better service. Better support.

AutoCheck Data Sources

Our primary data sources are public record data and private data sources, many exclusive to only AutoCheck.


Tens of thousands of distinct accident sources, with most providing only to AutoCheck.

Auction Data

Data from 95% of all U.S. Auction Houses, with most providing exclusive structural damage announcements.

Open Recall

Even more OEM open recall data- 99.82% manufacturer coverage based on vehicles in operation.

Private Sources

Private sources of salvage, sport, fleet, and repair information. 

Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Electric Vehicles with Confidence

With AutoCheck and Recurrent

Recurrent EV battery health
Recurrent EV battery health

Introducing an AutoCheck add-on EV Battery Health Report powered by Recurrent. Understanding the range of electric vehicles helps dealers protect their brand and reputation. The Recurrent Battery report will help dealers answer buyers questions on:

  • What is the expected range of this vehicle on a full charge?
  • Will range change on different tempertures and locations?
  • What range can be expected for this vehicle in in 3 years?
  • How much of the battery warranty is left on this vehicle

Interested in learning more about EV Battery Health Report?  In the comments section of the form provide us your questions and we will get back to you.

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AutoCheck Score

Easy-to-understand summary of a vehicle's past

The patented Score predicts the likelihood a car will be on the road in 5 years. It compares vehicles of similar age and class based on a scale of 1-100. The AutoCheck Score® is based on a proprietary model to help you understand a vehicle's predicted reliability as it pertains to age, number of owners, accidents, and other vehicle history factors. 

Check out how the AutoCheck Score can help you quickly and easily access a vehicle's and compare similar vehicles. 

Patented AutoCheck Score

Only AutoCheck vehicle history reports include a score that summarizes a vehicle's data. Learn more about how Experian created a score for vehicle history.

AutoCheck Dealer Elite Program

The AutoCheck Elite® program offers many benefits from unlimited vehicle history reporting to additional data insights into your market, competition, and consumer preferences.

AutoCheck market reporting

Elite Dealer

Do more with the AutoCheck Elite Dealer program!

Customized reprt

Elite branded showroom materials

Enhanced showroom materials to reinforce the value of AutoCheck to customers.

Showroom materials

Unlimited AutoCheck vehicle history reports

Elite access to unlimited AutoCheck vehicle history reports!


In-depth market reporting

Gain a better understanding of the competition, vehicle sales and the buyers in your market.


Customized vehicle history reports

Dealership name, contact information and service history integrated into your report.


Dedicated client service support

We are committed to offering you exceptional customer support; with a dedicated support phone line so you can quickly receive the attention you require.

Our Integration Partners

AutoCheck is proud to be partnered with leaders in the automotive industry

Learn more about our integrations or interested in becoming an AutoCheck partner?

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Industries Served


AutoCheck is the vehicle history solution of choice for the nation's auto auctions. 

Credit Unions

Credit unions can use AutoCheck reports as both a benefit to members by offering a free report when they contract with you on auto loans as well as using the information internally to ensure the vehicle value isn't affected by the history.


When it comes to accepting a trade-in or selling a pre-owned vehicle, you need solid, reliable information. Better support your price point, improve your trade-in and appraisal process by both lowering risk and increasing your bottom line.


Auto insurers can use AutoCheck vehicle history information throughout their business. Insurance applications include policy originations/renewals, fraud and claims investigations, total loss claims, and locating stolen vehicles. 


AutoCheck helps auto lenders better evaluate the impact of a vehicle’s history on the asset’s value for loan origination, collection/repossession decisioning, or when valuing a loan portfolio.


Customers that are considering the purchase of certified pre-owned vehicles expect a high standard of quality. AutoCheck can help CPO programs ensure that quality as the industrial strength vehicle history report. 

AutoCheck for Consumers

We help consumers take the unknown out of buying pre-owned vehicles to have the confidence to buy a reliable used vehicle.

Interested in AutoCheck for your business?

For more information about AutoCheck vehicle history for your business, select the industry reporting you are interested in.

If you questions about an AutoCheck report or your existing account, please email, or call 888 409 2204 or visit our AutoCheck Members here.


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