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Are you looking for cost-effective, flexible tools that will allow your business to meet current and future guidelines, manage risk and ultimately authenticate as many true customers as possible — all while segmenting out only the real fraudsters and noncompliant identities?

We have the solution

Precise IDSM for Compliance is Experian's identity verification software delivering a comprehensive authentication process so you can make fast, flexible decisions when acquiring new customers while also managing fraud and compliance processes throughout the Customer Life Cycle.

How can your business make smarter decisions, protecting you and your customers?

When using Experian’s Customer Identity Verification Software as part of an overall compliance or identity checking program, your business receives critical consumer identity authentication results and compliance-oriented checks that can be incorporated into automated accept or referral decisioning. You can also customize these results based on the presence and absence of both positive and high-risk conditions.

In short, we help your business to:

  • Profitably acquire new customers
  • Positively identify legitimate consumers
  • Preserve positive consumer experiences by limiting or eliminating the need for more manual and arduous authentication processes that require more customer engagement and time
  • Meet compliance due-diligence requirements during application and account management processes
  • Detect fraud and reduce charge-offs
  • Minimize operational costs and improve operational efficiencies
  • Direct more intensive authentication procedures, such as knowledge-based authentication questions, only to the riskiest applicants or transactions
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  • A complete view of every applicant and customer
  • Rather than relying on just one or a few data sources, the identity verification software utilizes Experian’s breadth of data sources to gain a more accurate picture of each applicant’s or customer’s identity.

    Via a customizable and hosted rules engine, clients can create up to two unique rules-based decisioning policies to facilitate their own interpretations of multiple compliance requirements such as the USA PATRIOT Act, the FACTA Red Flags Rule, ESIGN or any other consumer authentication checks.

    Authentication outcomes and decisions are easy to interpret and designed to provide a quick view of summarized results and ultimate compliance decisions. Specific validation and verification results are layered with applicable high-risk alerts and additional associated record information.

    With Precise ID for Compliance, you have access to the following:

    • Consumer authentication summary results (match levels) associated with name, address, Social Security number, phone number (landline and wireless), date of birth and driver’s license number
    • Consumer authentication detailed records, including additional addresses, associated consumers and reported dates
    • Fraud ShieldSM high-risk alerts associated with a consumer’s credit profile attributes, such as credit freeze conditions, deceased indicators, inconsistencies in date of birth versus credit and Social Security number establishment, and alternate consumer associations with Social Security number or address
    • Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) checks and associated records when applicable
    • Accept or refer decisioning based on client-defined match or mismatch definitions and identity element verification requirements
  • Improving efficiencies throughout the organization
  • Precise ID for Compliance, Experian's identity verification software solution, offers the following benefits when implementing a variety of compliance and consumer authentication processes:

    • Efficient workflow achieved through a streamlined response on identity element authentication results, supporting record details and an easy-to-interpret display
    • Consistency of process delivered through automated custom decisioning and flexibly defined identity element match criteria, custom user interface display labels and up to two unique decisions per inquiry
    • Ease of access through a Web user interface on Experian’s eSolutions portal or the option for clients to integrate the service with their own internal or customer-facing systems via XML implementation
    • Real-time or batch processing

    Clients can further enhance their authentication process via optional progression to Experian’s Knowledge IQ product. This pairing of Knowledge IQ with Precise ID for Compliance allows for comprehensive authentication, leveraging out-of-wallet or knowledge-based authentication questions for an additional level of identity verification.


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The flexibility of Precise ID allows you to address multiple types of:

  • First-party fraud
  • Third-party fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Synthetic identities
  • Fraud rings
  • First payment default
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