Precise IDSM - Additional Options

The Following are Additional Options Used With Experian's Fraud Detection Software Known as Precise IDSM

  • Targeted analytics — custom models and decisioning strategies
    • Risk-based authentication demands best-in-class scoring. The fraud detection solutions within Precise ID deliver multiple authentication and identity risk scores:
    • Identity screening score — Assess the likelihood a consumer identity is valid and comprehensively verified
    • Account opening score — Leverage consumer credit and noncredit data to incorporate authentication analytics into your overall credit granting decision process
    • Identity theft score — Incorporate a targeted appraisal of potential identity theft risk
    • First payment default score — Receive a risk score designed to predict the likelihood of payment on a newly opened account
  • Early Warning Services Shared Fraud and Account Abuse Data
  • Receive extensive and thorough identity evaluation for your Demand Deposit Account authentication needs. Precise ID for Account Opening and Early Warning’s Shared Fraud and Account Abuse records combine the best of two market-leading account opening and identification providers. Experian’s expansive data assets are reinforced with deposit account– centric confirmed fraud and financial mismanagement records contributed by Early Warning’s customers.

    Benefits include comprehensive consumer authentication and fraud detection, valuable risk scores from both Experian and Early Warning, and convenient access to two trusted industry providers through a single inquiry. This efficiency through automation of several business process steps ultimately leads to secure, actionable and relevant decisioning information.

  • Precise ID with FraudNet
  • Precise ID with FraudNet identifies fraud, authenticates users and validates their devices all in a single platform. Gain confidence in your decisioning, gain more customers, reduce risk and remain compliant.

  • National Fraud DatabaseSM
  • Gain additional authentication confidence or be alerted to potentially known risks in both acquisition and account management processes, by participating in Experian’s consortium of verified fraud records. National Fraud DatabaseSM provides access to confirmed fraud and victim records from a variety of industries, including banks, credit card issuers, telecommunications providers and retailers. Information obtained from the National Fraud Database is used during account opening and throughout account review to make prompt, informed decisions about extending credit or services.

    The National Fraud Database relies on data reciprocity among the participating members to obtain and update fraud records. To participate in the National Fraud Database, members contribute and properly classify their fraud records according to the fraud activity perpetrated against them. Fraud record classifications include identity theft, account takeover, fictitious identity, bust-out and fraud victim.

  • Credit Card Verification
  • The fraud detection systems within Precise ID provide optional Credit Card Verification via the unique ability to associate a consumer’s identifying information with a full credit card account. The use of this authentication tool helps reduce risk associated with credit card balance transfers as well as credit card purchases, payments or deposits.

Experian's fraud detection systems deliver to clients a comprehensive risk-based authentication platform that combines:
  • Superior data assets
  • Detailed verification results and record information
  • Targeted analytics
  • Flexibly designed decisioning strategies
This combination allows clients to:
  • Reduce fraud exposure and meet regulatory compliance challenges
  • Improve customer experience
  • Maximize operational efficiencies
  • Implement measurable and consistent treatment policies that incorporate a holistic assessment of a consumer and transaction with the end goal of applying the right authentication and decisioning treatment at the right time

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The flexibility of Precise ID allows you to address multiple types of:

  • First-party fraud
  • Third-party fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Synthetic identities
  • Fraud rings
  • First payment default
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The following business fraud and identity solutions are accessed through Experian's eSolutions website:

  • Precise IDSM
  • National Fraud DatabaseSM
  • Knowledge IQSM

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