Precise IDSM

Experian's Risk-Based Fraud Detection and Prevention Platform

The threats posed by fraud and identity theft demand a risk-based approach that employs accurate and broad-reaching data assets. By incorporating analytics; knowledge-based authentication; and flexible decision-making strategies, you can more accurately authenticate identities.

Precise IDSM, Experian's fraud detection and prevention platform, offers cutting-edge resources that enable you to outpace criminals by detecting, avoiding and managing cross-channel fraud activity.

We’ll also help you address and comply with regulations and internal policies, including the USA PATRIOT Act, the FACTA Red Flags Rule and e-signature requirements.


We're proud that Precise IDSM fraud platform, is used by organizations to identify fraud, authenticate users and validate their devices to manage application fraud and high risk accounts. It’s something that’s so important to our customers. That’s why we won’t rest until we help keep all the fraud out of your business.

Which Precise IDSM functionality best meets your business needs?

Precise IDSM for Compliance Precise IDSM for Identity Screening Precise IDSM for Account Opening
Identity element validation and verification
Device intelligence
Fraud ShieldSM high risk indicators
Hosted Decisioning
Wireless phone verification
Knowledge IQSM questions
Historical inquiry checks  
Authentication score  
Identity theft score  
First payment default score    
National Fraud DatabaseSM    
  = Functionality using credit and noncredit data assets
  = Functionality using noncredit data assets
Blank = Not available


Precise ID for Compliance

Existing regulations require the implementation of identity authentication procedures and fraud detection services to help accommodate Customer Identification Programs, Know Your Customer initiatives and mandates such as the FACTA Red Flags Rule and the USA PATRIOT Act.


Precise ID for Identity Screening

The need to accurately measure identity risk is met with Precise IDSM for Identity Screening, Experian's fraud prevention software which provides an aggregated authentication risk score requiring only Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act exception.


Precise ID for Account Opening

Make more informed application processing decisions with Precise IDSM for Account Opening, a fraud prevention software solution which allows institutions to rely on an automated system to help them authenticate applicants from both a risk-mitigation and a compliance perspective.

Precise IDSM for Account Opening can be used with the following options:

Identity Element Network

Identity Element Network is Experian’s latest risk-based, identity fraud detection and prevention tool.

It establishes intricate identity linkages across Experian’s broad view of consumer actions to create fraud risk scores and attributes that identify consumers who have high risk of identity compromise.


Knowledge IQ

Experian’s Knowledge IQSM powered by Precise IDSM employs sophisticated predictive fraud analytics, authentication results and customizable challenge-response questions with answers designed to be known only by the actual consumer but not fraud perpetrators.


Additional Options

The following additional options can be used with Precise IDSM for the detection and prevention of fraud:

  • PreciseID with FraudNet
  • Targeted analytics - custom models and decisioning
  • National Fraud DatabaseSM
  • Credit Card Verification

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Platform Access

The following business fraud and identity solutions are accessed through Experian's eSolutions website:

• Precise IDSM

• National Fraud DatabaseSM

• Knowledge IQSM

Product Sheet

Platform Access

The following business fraud and identity solutions are accessed through Experian's eSolutions website:

  • Precise IDSM
  • National Fraud DatabaseSM
  • Knowledge IQSM

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