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Ecommerce Fraud Attack Rates

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Experian analyzed e-commerce fraud attack rates for all of 2015. The below map charts e-commerce attack rates (by basis points) for the United States by both shipping and billing locations. Fraud attack rates are calculated using bad transactions in relation to the total number of transactions.

For interpretation, billing states are associated with suspected fraud victims (the address of the purchaser) and shipping states are associated with suspected fraudsters (the address where the purchased goods were sent).

Experian Fraudmapex

Top 100 Riskiest Zip Codes in the U.S.

Download a listing of the Top 100 riskiest shipping and billing Zip codes in the United States by attack rates. 

With over 13 million individuals breached in 2015, assessing fraud origination locations is an important layer of verification when performing real-time risk assessments for ecommerce. 


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2015 E-commerce Attack Rates by State*$*Does knowing where fraud takes place matter?With more than 13 million fraud victims in 2015, assessing where fraud occurs is an important layer of verification when performing real-time risk assessments for e-commerce. Experian analyzed millions of e-commerce transactions from 2015 data to identify fraud attack rates across the United States for both shipping and billing locations.*$*/assets/decision-analytics/images/square-map-219x219.jpg*$*en_US