Building an accurate, holistic picture of your customers and understanding their behavior right from the start is important in establishing trusted relationships and preventing fraud.

Financial Account Opening requires institutions to perform a series of risk assessments and compliance checks across acquisition and origination process points. Striking a balance between compliance requirements, aggressive origination targets, and dynamic and intelligently deployed fraud threats can be challenging. We're here to help.




What do your customers want?

  • Hassle-free sign-up.
  • Fast, personalized service - Recognizing them as the person they say they are.
  • Peace of mind knowing they're safe from fraud threats.
  • Have a consistent experience across different channels.




What does your business need to do?

  • Verify the customer's true identity.
  • Screen application data to stop identity theft.
  • Detect unusual behavior, including malware issues.
  • Determine risk level represented in establishing the account.
  • Seamlessly intigrate into internal or customer-facing platforms.

We know how overwhelming managing every point in the account opening process can be. Let us help you mitigate fraud from the start and provide insight on how to optimize key performance indicators.

Our account opening Fraud and Identity solution capability helps enable you to prevent fraud and improve customer experience across use cases and market verticals.

CrossCore for Financial Account Opening combines a flexible, scalable API with powerful workflow and decisioning strategy capabilities through one plug-and-play platform. CrossCore delivers a future-proof way to modify strategies quickly, catch fraud faster, improve compliance and enhance the customer experience.

Isn’t it time you had an easily way to manage your account opening risk strategy to balance customer experience, operational constraints, and compliance requirements? 

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Access the right combination of scores, identity risk attributes and verification results.

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We give you the tools to help you solve your account opening challenges through our customized financial account opening risk reduction strategies.

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