Trust is at the center of every strong, lasting relationship. Trust gives us confidence and lets us feel secure. It's difficult to earn, but can be lost in a heartbeat. And trust only works when it goes both ways. When we put our trust in something, we expect to be trusted in return.

Experian understands the value of trust for businesses and consumers. Our fraud and identity solutions help you build trusted relationships with customers at every point of contact. It starts with putting the customer at the centre of everything in your business and fraud and identity strategy, helping to make your customer interactions satisfying and hassle-free. Providing a positive customer experience. leads to stronger, more profitable relationships.

Studies show a correlation between customer experience and loyalty, ultimately driving real business value.

Experian’s fraud and identity solutions bring together the capabilities and the expertise you need to grow your topline and make more confident customer decisions.

Enabling confident decisioning across the customer journey using our unparalleled access to data

Leveraging our broad portfolio of solutions that can evolve as your business and needs change over time 

Keeping our finger on the pulse of fraud and identity crime, applying our knowledge and global experience in all that we do 


Safe. Valued. Confident.
These are the things that your customers should feel when they do business with you, across all channels. Effective fraud and identity management gives your business much more than just security. It fosters trust with your customers and creates a springboard for competitive advantage in an ever-changing market.



Trust that spans the entire customer journey

Doing business in a world of faceless transactions and expanding channels brings a lot of opportunity yet carries distinct risk. The key to topline growth lies in uncovering the potential that exists in a way that balances risk and reward, without wasting your customers’ time or making them feel uncomfortable. 

For today’s savvy consumers, the most effective fraud prevention and identity strategy is the one people don’t notice. Customers expect to be recognised and welcomed wherever, whenever, and however they do business with you. With the right combination of technology and expertise, you can ensure your customers experience smooth, safe interactions while accessing all they are entitled to. And, with Experian, you can have the protection you need to make more confident decisions, every step of the way.