Today, organizations are looking for ways to increase profitability and reduce costs while improving the effectiveness of acquisition campaigns.

Optimization enables organizations to design successful marketing strategies that effectively balance risk versus reward to create immediate and long-term profitable customer relationships. 

We help identify the right acquisition strategies to meet your key business objectives while adhering to organizational constraints.

Our flexible delivery options allow for:

  • Lower cost of ownership with easy integration into existing acquisition processes.
  • Increase response rates by tailoring product offerings to customer interests and lifestyle preferences.
  • Improve portfolio health by assigning the ideal account terms at inception.
  • Gain market share and reducing campaign expenses by identifying profitable portfolio segments.
  • Yield the highest possible returns through true customer-level analysis and decisioning.
  • Ensure final strategies are aligned with performance objectives by incorporating client defined goals, data inputs, metrics, constraints, and other requirements.

Decision PointSM

Create and optimize strategies with a quantifiable return on investment. Empower your organization to make appropriate risk-reward decisions to improve the overall health of your portfolio and maximize key business objectives.


Marketswitch OptimizationTM

Optimize your acquisition and marketing strategies with our robust patented software application that can be used across your organization to solve the most challenging business problems.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Stay one step ahead and outpace the competition through optimization; create robust consumer level decisions to deliver more targeted offers, increase response rates, and improve customer satisfaction, while obtaining higher profit margins and market share gains.

Take Precise Consumer-level Actions

Our optimization products identify the ideal offer at the individual customer level, including, determining the best product, price, promotion, and contact channel while balancing business objectives such as budget, response rates and customer profitability.

  • Test different strategy options via champion-challenger simulations before implementation
  • Increase customer satisfaction and adoption by offering relevant products based on customer contact and lifestyle preferences while balancing organizational priorities
Gain More Control and Insight

Experian optimization uses patented mathematical technology to help you identify the best marketing strategies and optimal credit line and rate assignments based on an individual customer’s risk score and potential value, as well as your overall portfolio goals and objectives.

  • Our proprietary mathematical algorithm provides a constraint-based approach to factor in real-world limitations and all possible decisions that help organizations identify the ideal solution given your distinct goals and constraints. 
  • Optimization ensures newly acquired accounts comply with short and long-term business objectives to accurately assess future organizational impacts

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