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Unemployment claims do not affect your credit report

Dear Experian, My colleagues and I had a debate over these questions: Will filing an unemployment claim be reported on credit file? If so, will it affect future credit consideration? Can you help us settle our debate? - YAW

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Being unemployed will not hurt scores if bills continue to be paid on time

Dear Experian, Will a period of unemployment hurt my credit scores? - JNO

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Notify your lenders when you know you will be facing financial difficulty

Dear Experian, I am wondering if we should let the three national credit reporting companies know that due to the recession right now we are having difficulty with some of our payments. We have had no work for two years and are really struggling at the moment. My husband is on disability but is still looking for work. Our credit up to this point has been good. - MJB

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Credit freeze could slow job search success

Dear Experian, Since October 2008 I have been unemployed and would like to know how applying a credit freeze on my reports affects my search for employment. - SWE

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