New markets targeted. Response rates improved. Revenue increased. Those are the results we at Experian, as the industry leader, help you achieve with our business services.


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Automotive: Leverage the unique advantage of our integrated data sources
communications and energy
Communications and Energy: Gain deep insight into residential and commercial markets
credit unions
Credit Unions: Attract and retain high-quality members with our focused strategies
debt recovery
Debt Recovery: Refine recovery efforts to reduce costs and improve your bottom line
Health: Improve revenue cycle management with data-driven insights
public sector
Public Sector: Get a holistic insight into consumers and businesses
Business Groups
Business Information Services
Business Information Services: Predictive insights that improve your organization profit
Consumer Information Services
Consumer Information Services: Highest-quality data that power your most informed decisions
Data Quality
Data Quality: Software and services to proactively manage contact data
Decision Analytics
Decision Analytics: Dynamic analytics that boost your decision performance
Global Consulting Practice
Global Consulting Practice: Incisive guidance that creates measurable, sustainable value
Marketing Services
Marketing Services: Maximize the value of every customer relationship
Affinity Loyalty Products
Affinity Loyalty Products: Unparalleled solutions that drive your customer retention
The Customer Journey
  • Better product decision making
  • Incisive new-customer targeting
  • Stronger relationship building
  • Wiser approach to credit risk
  • This is the Customer Journey.

As the industry leader, Experian® helps organizations and consumers make better decisions. We help clients connect with great customers, both business and consumer, by connecting them more closely with customers to grow their relationships. Our insights let businesses target new markets, improve response rates and increase revenue. We help at each stage of the business cycle, which we call the Customer Journey.


Experian Customer Journey video


Our understanding of market trends and customer needs means we can assist clients make wise product planning decisions, and we connect them with the best customers for their new services. We know that making the right offer at the right time, using the right forms of communication, speeds the acquisition of the right customers.

We also offer unique affinity loyalty programs that generate retention and prompt payments. We protect against risk by assessing customers' ability to repay credit so that your organization can grow profit faster. Plus, in a number of markets, we create better consumers by helping them manage their finances and protect them from identity theft.

Experian® does all this by leveraging our deep levels of data about people, businesses, vehicles, property and places, gathered every second from hundreds of sources. We also help businesses manage their inhouse data from their customer interactions. Our data management tools find and link useful data to power decision making, and our predictive analytics assess organizations' current and future position.

Our platforms and products make it easy to use all this information every day. Our people's expertise, global networks and trusted brand combine to create huge value for our clients and consumers. Experian®: A world of insight, ready for you to discover on your journey.

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