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Social Security number variations not necessarily result of fraud

Dear Experian, I was told by the bank that Experian was reporting the incorrect Social Security number. How do I verify the information that Experian has on file for me? - TTM

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Individual Taxpayer ID number cannot be used in place of Social Security number

Dear Experian, I’m trying to request a dispute on my credit report, but it asks me for a credit report number. I have tried to request my annual free report but I can’t since I don’t have a Social Security number. I do have an ITIN number but the system won’t accept it. What are my options? - LPQ

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Social Security number, birth date not enough to access your credit report

Dear Experian, If someone has your Social Security number and your date of birth, can they access your credit report online? How can you tell when your credit report was last checked, and by whom? I think that someone checked my credit report, and it was not me. - ARR

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Unrecognized Social Security number could indicate fraud

Dear Experian, My Social Security number is reporting incorrectly. How can I get this fixed? - BWR

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Tax identification numbers do not replace a Social Security number

Dear Experian, I do not have a Social Security number. Instead, I have an EIN number. Does the EIN number replace a Social Security number when placing a fraud alert? - NKO

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Social Security number variations on your credit report

Dear Experian, What is a Social Security number variation? When looking up my personal information on Experian, a number came up under "Social Security number variation." The number that came up was nothing close to my Social Security number. - ATR

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