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How to temporarily lift a security freeze

Dear Experian, I need to lift the security freeze for 24 hours to buy a car. How do I do that? - PDT

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Fraud alert should not cause an increase in apartment fees

Dear Experian, My apartment complex raised my fees because you reported, “APPLICANT: High Probability SSN Belongs to Another. There is an excellent chance that the Social Security number on the application belongs to someone else. This is highly indicative of fraudulent activity. Carefully verify the identity of the applicant before proceeding.” Does Experian make such claims? - ATR

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Actions to take after receiving a security breach notification

Dear Experian, I work for a school district and its information has been hacked. They advised us to contact the credit companies. What I should do to protect myself? They are not sure how much information was stolen, and the hackers are threatening to release the information to the public. Please tell me what I need to do. - AAD

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Removing an Active Duty Alert

Dear Experian, How do you remove an Active Duty Alert? I am not on active duty and have never been in the service, but I have an Active Duty Alert on my report and it is preventing me from getting a mortgage. - MZN

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