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Reach New Families with Relevant, Persuasive Offers

Do you need a prospecting resource where you can always find a new group of ready buyers? Every week, we add approximately 65,000 expectant parents and families with newborns to Experian’s New Parents DatabaseSM. Experian® has more than 25 years of experience in this market, providing both pre- and postnatal records. The New Parents list collects approximately 80 percent of U.S. births as reported by census figures.

  • Largest file in the marketplace, with approximately 3.2 million records added annually
  • Only includes mothers whose age is 19 or older
  • Compiled from more than 50 primary sources: photography companies, retailers, baby furniture/maternity stores, consumer packaged goods manufacturers, magazines/catalogs and surveys
  • Each source is tested for accuracy and deliverability and is required to provide opt-out and disclosure information

Expectant and young families are in the market for a broad range of products and services.

Choose your new parent list:

  • Pre-Natal - information available on those expecting a birth within the next seven months (past the first trimester)
  • Post-Natal - includes new births up to 36 months