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National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2024

National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2024

We are excited to share that Experian's UK&I Early Careers team have been awarded 'The Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy' award at the National Graduate Recruitment Awards 2024.

This award is testiment to our commitment for a fair and inclusive workplace for all.

Who are Experian?

No one makes sense of data like Experian. We are on a mission to deliver the full power of data, analytics and technology in ways that transform lives. 

And our mission matters. Our work empowers individuals, families, businesses, communities and governments to make smarter decisions and navigate the world with confidence. Our products, services and time make a real difference to the financial lives of people all over the world. 

Individually we are explorers, with a passion for discovery and innovation. When we come together as a community, we inspire and support each other to make connections, uncover solutions and travel further. We are pioneers, we recognise no boundaries and accept no limits in our ambition. 

Together we are uniquely Experian. 

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Our people are at the heart of everything we do at Experian. That's why we reward curiosity, and promote growth because we believe the workplace should be a place for personal, professional and emotional fulfilment.


Application Support

We’re committed to ensuring all individuals can apply to Experian. If you need any support or reasonable adjustments please don’t hesitate to contact us. Everything you say will be processed in full confidence and will not impact your application.

UK&I Early Careers Showcase

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Hear what some of our current graduates have to say


Dipak Patel

Graduate Data Analyst


"The Early Careers Development Programme has some useful training sessions on soft skills that I’ve been able to put to use in my day-to-day work. I have also learnt how to give helpful feedback and ask for it as well, which is something that I will be doing a lot of as a Graduate Data Analyst."


Ellie Renn

Graduate Sales Associate


"I've thoroughly enjoyed my first year as a Graduate Sales Associate. I've gained a lot of confidence when speaking to clients, both over the phone and face to face. My biggest achievement is hitting over 100% of my appointment target in my first year. 

I’d recommend the role to anyone interested in a target driven sales role – it’s been a fantastic experience and I look forward to continuing my career within the Experian sales team"


Senam Ahadzi

Graduate Software Engineer


"Where do I begin, I’ve learnt so much over the past year! There is a real focus on personal development at Experian, from days learning about presentation skills and agile ways of working, to just socialising with other graduates and members of my team. The one concept that has been highlighted to me throughout this experience is that as graduates, we are not expected to know it all. If you approach work with a keen desire to learn, you will always be supported."

Experian CSR

Our Community & CSR

Giving back has always been important to us. Thats why every Experian employee has access to 3 volunteering days with a local charity or organisation of their choice. It’s a chance to do something different, support a cause close to your heart and make a positive contribution to your community.

We’re also passionate about giving people access to financial services. Our scale and expertise means we’re in a unique position to help tackle debt and improve people’s financial wellbeing around the world.

Experian Pride

A Place Where You Don't Have to Hide

Our uniqueness is that we truly celebrate yours. We’re proud of our diverse workforce. No two people are the same, and it’s our different skills, approaches and aspirations that make us stronger – both as a company and as a community.

If you chose to join to Experian, you’ll find a home. A place where you don’t have to hide and can freely be yourself.

People and Culture Awards

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