Experian Data: 652% Increase in Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Published: May 29, 2020 by Brian Stack

A core issue that continues to surface during the COVID-19 pandemic is how well companies are managing and maintaining connections with their customers. Once they connect, it’s crucial that they effectively communicate how they add value and can help customers address their concerns. Bottom line: consumers want to know that companies they do business with care and are able to effectively address their individual circumstances.

Consumer Loyalty in the COVID-19 Era

Establishing meaningful customer relationships and driving brand loyalty under normal operating circumstances requires consistent, strategic effort. In these unprecedented and uncertain times, it is even more critical and challenging.

As COVID-19 online shopping and digital consumption increases alongside rising pandemic-related fraud, and many consumers dealing with overall economic concerns, companies can stay in touch with and engage their customers with resources to help protect their identity and personal information.

The Dark Web Continues to Dominate

The dark web remains the prime marketplace for compromised consumer information. Data from Experian’s latest dark web surveillance technology, CyberAgent®, is proof, showing a 652% year-over-year increase in personal information records found on the dark web per week. Other striking statistics from Experian’s May 2020 report:

A 130% year-over-year increase of new data sources feeding the dark web (12,700 New Sources)
A 63% year-over-year increase of Social Security numbers on the dark web (5.2M New Records)
Connecting Consumers to Solutions

Experian Partner Solutions offers comprehensive identity protection, with features that deliver peace of mind:

Nearly 55 million credit and identity alerts to subscribers every month.1
Our CyberAgent® technology is the most popular feature with 10.3 billion records found (1.1B in 2020 alone)²
82-99% of subscribers stay enrolled in the solutions after 12 months¹
Our data shows the Financial Account Takeover Monitoring feature is driving increased subscriber retention for our partners1
Stay in touch with customers by offering the solutions they are looking for to maintain and protect their financial health and identity.

To learn more about what companies can do to help their customers protect their personal information and reduce their risk of identity theft, watch the on-demand webinar, “Reducing the Risk of COVID-19 Identity Fraud.”

Watch the 15 -Minute Webinar: Reducing the Risk of COVID-19 Identity Fraud

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