The Three C’s of a Successful Collections Strategy

Published: August 9, 2023 by Stefani Wendel

This article was updated on August 9, 2023.

Debt collections can be frustrating — for both consumers and lenders alike. Coupled with ever-changing market conditions and evolving consumer expectations for their digital experience, lending institutions and collections agencies must develop the right collections strategies to reduce costs and maximize recovery rates. How can they do this? By following the three Cs — communication, choice and control.


To increase response rates and successfully retrieve payments, lenders must cater to consumers’ preferences for communication, or more specifically, make the right type of contact at the right time. With debt collection predictive analytics, you can gain a more holistic view of consumers and further insight into their behavioral and contact channel preferences. This way, you can better assess an individual’s propensity to pay, determine the best way and time to reach them and develop more personalized treatment strategies.


Debt collection solutions that provide a more comprehensive customer view can also give individuals greater control as they’re able to engage with collectors via a channel that may be easier or more comfortable for them than a phone call, such as email, text or chatbots. Providing consumers with various options is especially important as 81% think more highly of brands who offer multiple digital touchpoints.

To further improve your methods of communication, consider streamlining monotonous processes with collection optimization. By automating repetitive tasks and outreach, you can reduce errors and free up your agents’ time to focus on accounts that need more attention, creating a customer-centric collections experience.


Ultimately, the success of collections initiatives relies heavily on how well collection practices are accepted and adopted by the end user. Consumers want to make informed decisions and want to be offered choices – therefore giving them more control in a decision-making process and with their finances.

“Consumers have made a monumental shift to digital. To enhance your collections performance, it is critical to engage consumers in the method and channel of their choosing,” said Paul Desaulniers, Head of Scoring, Alternative Data and Collections at Experian.

Lending institutions and third-party collection agencies that are able to communicate across all consumer channels will see more success in their collections strategies. Are your debt collection tactics and strategies up-to-par?

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Improve your collections strategy

By catering to consumers’ communication preferences, giving them control and offering them choices, financial institutions and collections agencies can more effectively reach their customer base, with less effort. It’s a win-win for all.

Experian offers various debt management and collections systems that can help you optimize processes, reduce costs and increase recovery rates. To get started, visit us today.

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