Vision 2024: Day 2 Recap

Updated : June 5, 2024 Published: May 23, 2024 by Stefani Wendel

The morning kicked off with the buzz of innovation. Shri Santhanam, Financial Services and Data General Managers Platforms and Software, and leaders from Experian debuted the latest enhancements for the Experian Ascend Technology PlatformTM. The demo touted faster automation, seamless data integration, security and compliance, and simplified experience. Resiliency, security and gen AI capabilities are all core components and outputs of the new platform.

Keynote speakers: Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi
Tennis icons Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi captivated the audience with stories of their memorable matches, how they met and their foray into pickleball. From notorious rivals to the pivotal moments that were part of their weeks at seeding in the number 1 position – 377 weeks and 101 weeks respectively.

Keynote speaker: Jason Sudeikis
Emmy-award winning actor, comedian, writer and producer – and also known as the affable Ted Lasso – Jason Sudeikis had the crowd laughing reminiscing his favorite skits from his time at Saturday Night Live and outtakes from his numerous films. He talked about the impact of Ted Lasso and the origin of the “Believe” sign, as well as what’s ahead.

Sessions – Day 2 highlights

The conference hall was buzzing with conversations, discussions and thought leadership. Some themes definitely rose to the top — the increasing proliferation of fraud and how to combat it without diminishing the customer experience, leveraging AI and transformative technology in decisioning and how Experian is pioneering the GenAI era in finance and technology.

  • Alternative data
    Alternative data can be used to holistically measure a consumer’s creditworthiness. Property data to banking insights to consumer-permissioned data and more can be a critical part of your strategies to segment, analyze and underwrite unbanked and new-to-credit consumers.
  • Engagement
    Economic headwinds and fierce competition in the banking industry have acquisition costs soaring, making it more important than ever to be critical of your organization’s advertising spend. Meanwhile, consumers are trending back toward the convenience of banking bundles, and they expect their financial institutions to help them improve their financial health. These conditions create a unique opportunity to extract value from digital experiences.
  • Collections
    Data, advanced analytics and machine learning are transforming all aspects of collections during a time when consumer debt pressure is building. Organizations can harness the power of data-driven insights, predictive modeling, enhanced segmentation and optimized decisions to ensure they have the strongest contact data and best collections strategy to reduce delinquencies and boost recovery rates.

See you next year for Vision 2025!