Navigating the Changing Regulatory Waters in Credit

Published: April 19, 2016 by Tony Hadley

Whether its new regulations and enforcement actions from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or emerging legislation in Congress, the public policy environment for consumer and commercial credit is dynamic and increasingly complex.

If you are interested to learn more about how to navigate an increasingly choppy regulatory environment, consider joining a breakout session at Experian’s Vision 2016 Conference that I will be moderating. I’ll be joined by several experts and practitioners, including:

  • John Bottega, Enterprise Data Management
  • Conor French, Funding Circle
  • Troy Dennis, TD Bank
  • Don Taylor, President, Automated Collection Services

During our session, you’ll learn about some of the most trying regulatory issues confronting the consumer and commercial credit ecosystem. Most importantly, the session will look at how to turn potential challenges into opportunities. This includes learning how to incorporate new alternative data sets into credit scoring models while still ensuring compliance with existing fair lending laws. We’ll also take a deep dive into some of the coming changes to debt collection practices as a result of the CFPB’s highly anticipated rulemaking.

Finally, the panel will take a close look at the challenges of online marketplace lenders and some of the mounting regulations facing small business lenders.

Learn more about Vision 2016 and how to register for the May conference.


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