Fintech vs. Traditional FIs: The Latest Trends in Personal Loans

September 17, 2019 by Brittany Peterson

In today’s age of digital transformation, consumers have easy access to a variety of innovative financial products and services. From lending to payments to wealth management and more, there is no shortage in the breadth of financial products gaining popularity with consumers. But one market segment in particular – unsecured personal loans – has grown exceptionally fast.

According to a recent Experian study, personal loan originations have increased 97% over the past four years, with fintech share rapidly increasing from 22.4% of total loans originated to 49.4%. Arguably, the rapid acceleration in personal loans is heavily driven by the rise in digital-first lending options, which have grown in popularity due to fintech challengers.

Fintechs have earned their position in the market by leveraging data, advanced analytics and technology to disrupt existing financial models. Meanwhile, traditional financial institutions (FIs) have taken notice and are beginning to adopt some of the same methods and alternative credit approaches. With this evolution of technology fused with financial services, how are fintechs faring against traditional FIs? The below infographic uncovers industry trends and key metrics in unsecured personal installment loans:

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