Brighter customer engagement for utilities

Published: November 22, 2014 by Aaron Czajka

lightblubOriginally contributed by: Bill Britto

Smart meters have made possible new services for customers, such as automated budget assistance and bill management tools, energy use notifications, and “smart pricing” and demand response programs. It is estimated that more than 50 million smart meters have been deployed as of July 2014. Utilities and customers alike are benefiting from these smart meter deployments.

It is now obvious the world of utilities is changing, and companies are beginning to cater more to their customers by offering them tools to keep their energy costs lower.  For example, several companies offer prepay to some of their customers who do not have bank accounts. For many of those “unbanked” customers, prepay could be the only way to sign up for a utility services. Understanding the value of prospects and the need to automate decisions to achieve higher revenue and curb losses is imperative to the utility.

It is here where a decisioning solution, like PowerCurve OnDemand> can make a real difference for utility customers by providing modified decision strategies based on market dynamics, business and economic environments.  Imagine what a best of class decision solution can do by identifying what matters most about consumers and business and by leveraging internal and external data assets to replace complexity with cost efficiency?  Solutions like PowerCurve OnDemand deliver the power and speed-to-market to respond to changing customer demands, driving profitability and growing customer lifetime value – good for business and good for customers.