Experian announces comarket agreement for Baker Hill Advisor product with MainStreet Technologies’ Loan Loss Analyzer

Published: November 19, 2014 by Matt Tatham

A new comarketing agreement for MainStreet Technologies’ (MST) Loan Loss Analyzer product with Experian Decision Analytics’ Baker Hill Advisor® product will provide the banking industry with a comprehensive, automated loan-management offering. The combined products provide banks greater confidence for loan management and loan-pricing calculations.

Experian Decision Analytics Baker Hill Advisor product supports banks’ commercial and small-business loan operations comprehensively, from procuring new loans through collections. MST’s Loan Loss Analyzer streamlines the estimation and documentation of the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses (ALLL), the bank’s most critical quarterly calculation.

The MST product automates the most acute processes required of community bankers in managing their commercial and small-business loan portfolios. Both systems are data-driven, configurable and designed to accommodate existing bank processes. The products already effectively work together for community banks of varying asset sizes, adding efficiencies and accuracy while addressing today’s increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

“Experian’s Baker Hill Advisor product-development priorities have always been driven by our user community. Changes in regulatory and accounting requirements have our clients looking for a sophisticated ALLL system. Working with MainStreet, we can refer our clients to an industry-leading ALLL platform,” said John Watts, Experian Decision Analytics director of product management. “The sharing of data between our organizations creates an environment where strategic ALLL calculations are more robust and tactical lending decisions can be made with more confidence. It provides clients a complete service at every point within the organization.”

“Bankers, including many using our Loan Loss Analyzer, have used Experian’s Baker Hill® software to manage their commercial loan programs for more than three decades,” said Dalton T. Sirmans, CEO and MST president. “Bankers who choose to implement Experian’s Baker Hill Advisor and the MST Loan Loss Analyzer will be automating their loan management, tracking, reporting and documentation in the most comprehensive, user-friendly and feature-rich manner available.”

For more information on MainStreet Technologies, please visit http://www.mainstreet-tech.com/banking
For more information on Baker Hill, visit http://ex.pn/BakerHill