Your Keys to Unlocking Debt Management Success

June 26, 2019 by Guest Contributor

Debt management is becoming increasingly complex. People don’t answer their phones anymore. There are many, many communication channels available (email, text, website, etc.) and just as many preferences from consumers regarding how they communicate.

Prioritizing how much time and effort to spend on a debtor often requires help from advanced analytics and machine learning to optimize those strategies.

Whether you are manually managing your collections strategies or are using advanced optimization to increase recovery rates, we’ve got keys to help you improve your recover rates. Watch our webinar, Keys to unlocking debt management success, to learn about:

  • Minimizing the flow of accounts into collections and ensuring necessary information (e.g. risk, contact data) is used to determine the best course of action for accounts entering collections
  • Recession readiness – prepare for the next recession to minimize impact
  • Reducing costs and optimizing collections treatment strategies based on individual consumer circumstances and preferences
  • Increasing recovery rates and improving customer experience by enabling consumers to interact with your organization in the most effective, efficient and non-threatening way possible

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