The 5 Basic (but Important) Questions Banks Need Answered Regarding FFIEC Regulatory Compliance

November 16, 2011 by Chris Ryan

This is third question in our five-part series on the FFIEC guidance and what it means Internet banking.  If you missed the firstand second question, you can still view – our answer isn’t going anywhere.  Check back each day this week for more Q&A on what you need to know and how to prepare for the January 2012 deadline.

Question: Who does this guidance affect? And does it affect each type of credit grantor/ lender differently?

The guidance pertains to all financial institutions in the US that fall under the FFIEC’s influence. While the guidance specifically mentions authenticating in an on-line environment, it’s clear that the overall approach advocated by the FFIEC applies to authentication in any environment. As fraud professionals know, strengthening the defenses in the on-line environment will drive the same fraud tactics to other channels. The best way to apply this guidance is to understand its intent and apply it across call centers and in-person interactions as well.


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