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Learn how Precise ID can help you give your customers a deep sense of security about their business relationship with your organization. 

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Distinguish potential fraud from real opportunities with unprecedented clarity.

Precise IDSM

Combat the changing face of fraud while simplifying compliance and decreasing costs.

Experian's powerful Precise IDSM gives you the most complete and accurate view of a consumer's identity so you can make the right decisions, when it counts — at the account desk and point of application. 

  • Risk based approach considers credit and non-credit data, as well as, scores and analytics.
  • Optional knowledge-based authentication supports expanded investigations of suspect accounts.
  • Custom rules flexibly support interpretations of your credit, fraud and compliance policies.
  • FCRA and GLB compliance aids in meeting mandated government and industry compliance.
  • Extendable tool set designed to seamlessly meet all of your fraud needs.
  • Proven analytics and scoring expertise help balance the risk and reward in your fraud strategy.
Flexible Solution

Precise ID ensures consistency across your organization with rules that support your credit, fraud and compliance policies. By tuning rules to your desired settings, you can weight data based on your level of tolerance resulting in:

  • a reduction in false positive rates
  • fewer manual account reviews
  • a decrease in operational costs
  • faster processing times
  • increased approvals
Multiple Data Sources

Unparalleled depth and breadth of data sources provide a more accurate picture of each applicant.

  • National Fraud Database: over half a million known fraud records from Experian's fraud consortium
  • Checkpoint: 220 million consumer credit and non credit records
  • Fraud Shield Indicators: high risk conditions via Experian's FileOne consumer credit database
  • 200+ million records from cross-industry shared application data
  • 150 million auto registration records
  • 83 million property ownership records
  • Cell phone and non-published records
  • IP address geolocation 
Single Point Of Integration

Hundreds of organizations have selected the integrated Precise ID fraud platform to manage their application fraud, authentication and high risk accounts

  • Precise IDSM for Identity Screening
  • Precise IDSM for Account Opening
  • Precise ID Account Opening with Early Warning Services
  • Knowledge IQSM through Precise IDSM
  • Precise IDSM for Account Opening with Experian's National Fraud DatabaseSM
  • Precise IDSM for Compliance

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