Are you 100% sure your patient eligibility and demographic data is correct?

Mistakes happen and life changes. How can you be assured the information you have about your patients is accurate so you can get reimbursed quickly for the services you provide? Correcting data—including eligibility—at the time of registration using Registration QA lays the groundwork for a clean claim that gets paid fast.

Put accuracy first

With Registration QA, you monitor 100% of your patients to identify registration discrepancies and demographic and insurance errors, and enable authorized staff to correct the file on the spot. Our web-based solution automatically checks for insurance eligibility, stores the information and identifies demographic inaccuracies at the earliest point in the revenue cycle.

Empower your patient access team

An intuitive interface lets your staff work more efficiently and effectively. They’re able to easily correct the inconsistencies that lead to costly denials and unnecessary rework—in real-time. Plus, performance is tracked and responsibility automatically assigned, without the need for continual oversight. 

Measure, analyze, improve

Registration QA not only lets you control your workflow by identifying and resolving registration errors prior to service, it measures individual and team efficiencies and identifies trends that enable performance improvement. The Power Reporting feature provides insight into product usage, workflows, productivity and financial results.

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