Track, Manage & Correct Registration Alerts in Real-Time

Registration Quality Assurance (RQA) is a web-based integrated solution that automatically launches insurance eligibility real-time, stores the information and identifies registration inaccuracies at the earliest point in the revenue cycle. Customized work queues allow staff to correct demographic and insurance discrepancies in real-time, avoiding costly denials and unnecessary rework. It is a valuable staff development tool that allows managers to track performance and assign responsibility without continual oversight.

With Registration QA, Providers Also Can:

  • Ensure 100% of your patients are monitored, as insurance eligibility is performed on all pre-registered and registered accounts
  • Empower staff to work more efficiently and accurately with an intuitive interface through real-time worklist population and standard and custom alert messages
  • Control your workflow by identifying and resolving registration inaccuracies prior to service and tracking individual performance and trends

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