Synthetic identity theft | It’s a real risk

Synthetic identity fraud is an epidemic impacting all markets. There is a strong focus on new and underbanked consumers, which can pose a large threat to your onboarding, account opening, and customer management policies. And most importantly, your overall profitability. 

Synthetic ID losses manifest in several ways, including bust out, card-not-present, never pay, and first payment default. Losses associated with synthetic identity fraud are estimated to be in the billions.

Fraud detection solution

We align with the long-term incremental approach used by the criminals who create synthetic identities to mitigate synthetic identity theft.

Using big data analytical techniques, we can see and assess an identity’s complete history in real time instead of working from the limited set of summary attributes that have formed the basis of risk assessment for decades.

  • With our data, information management and expertise determine how synthetic IDs are created, how they are used to perpetrate fraud, and potential points of compromise that contribute to their creation.
  • We provide both aggregate risk scores and decisioning, as well as granular attributes that cover financial risk, data quality and compliance risk.

High Risk Fraud Score


• High Risk Fraud Score evaluates specific consumer credit behavior and their relationships to uncover risk associated with synthetic identity fraud.

• Assesses credit data attributes over an extended period of time to expose credit behavior changes that are consistent with a synthetic identity that has matured.

• Only those consumers that display behavior that the model defines as risky will be scored by our High Risk Fraud Score.

Synthetic ID Detection Rules


• Synthetic ID Detection Rules evaluate a variety of risky consumer behaviors.

• As rules are triggered, behavior consistent with synthetic identity fraud is uncovered.

• Comprehensive approach enables an evaluation of many different types of behavior associated with synthetic identity fraud.

For us, it’s all about helping you effectively mitigate synthetic identity fraud while providing a positive customer experience. Let’s get you and your customers protected.

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Synthetic Identity Mitigation

Stay one step ahead of fraudsters

Top 3 Benefits

1. Reduced fraud losses stemming from synthetic identity attacks.

2. Lower operational costs through a reduction of false positives, referrals, and manual reviews.

3. Future-proofed synthetic identity policies designed with key performance indicators.

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