Quickly and accurately pinpoint false identities not associated with an actual person and decrease fraud losses due to credit card charge offs

Improve and execute:

Multi-layered approaches

Targeted treatments

Better customer experiences


Review credit attributes to expose fraudulent behavior associated with synthetic identity theft and take action fast

Using powerful analytics, you can see and assess a consumer's complete activity history in real time instead of working with outdated risk assessments. Receive both aggregated risk scores and decisioning, as well as granular attributes that cover financial risk, data quality, and compliance risk.

With a multi-layered methodology built into our solution, you can effectively detect fraud and mitigate losses while reducing false positives that can frustrate valuable and legitimate customers.



Lower operational costs through a reduction in false positives, referrals, and manual reviews.


Reduce fraud losses associated with synthetic identity attacks.


Leverage powerful credit data and analytics capabilities to show early warning signs.


Flag consumers who display fraudulent synthetic identity behavior through powerful high-risk fraud scoring models.


Automate synthetic id detection rules to evaluate a variety of behaviors over time.


Ensure your synthetic identity detection processes are future-proof with our scalable solutions.

Synthetic identity fraud resources


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Keeping synthetic identities out
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