With the rise of digital channels, fraud is at an all-time high.

Catch fraud faster and ensure you're meeting compliance obligations using data-driven tools. Gain efficiencies while meeting compliance regulations. Spend your valuable time and resources reviewing legitimate applications and approving new customers. Identify malicious and synthetic identities, reduce credit card charge offs, and damaging fraud loss.

Account opening fraud

Confidently assess risk and make more informed application-processing decisions while minimizing fraud loss.

Account takeover fraud

Monitor and identify when transactions may be part of an identity theft or account takeover.

eCommerce fraud

Ensure you are only receiving transactions from legitimate customers and drive revenue by reducing cart abandonment.

In-house fraud risk management

Respond faster and more effectively with new tools and strategies and by managing your fraud prevention solutions from one point of access.

Bust out fraud

Diminish losses from bust-out fraud by predicting and detecting the scheme months in advance.

Credit card verification

Verify credit card number and check billing information at the point of purchase.

Risk profiling

Understand the extent of your exposure to risk and implement targeted risk assessments across the customer life cycle.

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