Perform customer due diligence to meet compliance regulations faster.

Focus on profitably acquiring new customers by identifying legitimate consumers. Eliminate the need for more manual and time consuming authentication processes that require your customers’ engagement and time. Gain peace of mind by ensuring you are meeting regulatory compliance during the application and account management processes.


Identify and verify customers and beneficial owners. Develop a customer risk profile and ongoing monitoring for reporting anything suspicious.


Combat money laundering and the financing of terrorism by meeting OFAC regulatory requirements.


Refine your existing fraud and identity management processes to ensure that your organization meets layered approach expectations.


The CECL model is the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) standard for estimating and measuring credit losses for loans and debt securities.

FACTA red flags rule

Monitor and identify risks stemming from identity theft and comply with the FACTA red flags rule.

Anti-money laundering

Comply with federal and international anti-money laundering regulations and enhance your profitability.

Know your customer

Comply with laws intended to strengthen U.S. measures to prevent, detect, and prosecute international money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Military Lending Act

Adhere to laws such as the Military Lending Act and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Protect your military credit customers.

TCPA compliance

Stay compliant with TCPA guidelines when engaging in activities such as debt collection, telemarketing or advertising.

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