Give your customers the frictionless experience they expect, while spotting risky behavior and suspicious device usage before bad transactions occur

Confidently execute:

Identity linkage

Predictive scoring

Transaction monitoring


Improve real-time decisioning with a greater view of data linkages to identity fraudulent behavior, increase approval rates, and promote positive customer retention

Monitor customer identities through a vast identity element network. You can spot inconsistencies in behavior to uncover risks of account takeovers, identity theft, and other fraud threats. Establish intricate identity linkages across a broad view of consumer actions to create scores and attributes that readily expose potentially fraudulent activity within existing portfolios.

Reduce fraud loss by quickly uncovering high identity-fraud risk in current and recently-booked accounts. Leverage new intelligence with the help of highly predictive identity element network linkage-based attributes. Provide a positive customer experience by allowing lower-risk customers the ability to transact without disruption.



Quickly identify if an account has been compromised and take decisive action.


Drive successful transactions with identity monitoring and flagging unusual activities.


Stop fraudulent account access and reduce your fraud losses.


Confidently detect fraud rings, staging, and compromised devices.


Optimize your resources by focusing on high-risk accounts that need closer monitoring.


Improve your customer relationships by performing fewer intrusive security checks without sacrificing protection.

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Plug and play fraud preventon platform to help you recognize account takeover risks and act quickly to minimize fraud losses and protect your customers.

Digital device intelligence to help identitfy illigitimate customers across channels, frustrate fraudsters, and optimize your customer experience.

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