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Multiple mortgage inquiries treated differently by most scoring models

Dear Experian,

Is it true that if more than one mortgage lender requests my credit report within 30 days, it will show up as only one hard inquiry on my credit report?


Effect of multiple mortgage applications

Dear Experian,

Will it affect my credit score if get I get a mortgage pre-approval letter from more than one bank? If it does how much would it affect my score? Also, will it affect my score, if I check my credit score with you guys?


Impact of inquiries is minimal when shopping for a mortgage

Dear Experian,

We have looked at a foreclosure property and have submitted an offer. Our mortgage credit score was 820. The problem is that the bank is handling the foreclosure sale as an auction, so I have no idea where we stand since there are several bidders. If we don’t get this property then we will need to have our credit checked later by another bank. How will these two checks affect my credit score?