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How a minor may have a credit report

Dear Experian,

I am teaching a class at a local high school about credit fraud. A teacher mentioned to me that her daughter, who is under 12 years of age, has credit according to one of the credit reporting companies. How is this possible?


Freezing your children’s credit histories

Dear Experian,

I have two young children (both under the age of four). Because I have heard of even young children being the victims of identity theft, I am considering freezing their credit files until they are old enough to have their first credit cards. What is your opinion on this? Is it possible for a parent to freeze the credit of a minor? Would you do this for your own children?


What to do when daughter’s SSN is being used to open credit cards

Dear Experian,

Someone is using my five-year-old daughter’s Social Security number. They already have two credit cards open under her number. What should I do?


CPS documents helpful in fraud by mother against child in foster care

Dear Experian,

I have received a few inquiries involving debt owed to companies. I am 21 now, and the cases were for bills from 2004 till 2008. I was 14 at the time and in foster care. I am positive it was my mother, and I have letters from the government stating I was in Child Protective Services custody. Is this enough to dispute the charges?


Protecting your children from identity theft

Dear Experian,

Identity theft is a growing problem for children. Can I put a security freeze on my three-year-old daughter’s file even though there most likely is no activity? If this is not possible can I call to see if there is activity under her Social Security number?


Parent using child’s Social Security number

Dear Experian,

I believe my daughter’s father is using her Social Security number for electricity, gas, water, phone and credit cards. How do I find out?


Son’s SSN may have been used to commit credit fraud

Dear Experian,

I’m a little concerned that someone may have used my son’s Social Security number to obtain credit. How can I find out for sure?


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