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Medical collection accounts can be part of a credit report

Dear Experian, On my credit report there are two collection items. One says Medical Payment Data. The other just says Emergency Physician. I need their contact information, such as address and phone, so I can get in touch with them. Can you please help? - NYW

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Unpaid doctor bills appearing in credit report

Dear Experian, I am seeing that each time I go to the doctor and I do not pay those bills on time, the bill ends up on my credit report. This has resulted in 10 or more delinquencies, some of which are less than $50 each. How do I consolidate all these bills into one? - JDY

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Medical collection accounts are treated like any other collection account

Dear Experian, My credit report is clean except for past due medical bills. I would like to know if having medical bills past due is going to prevent me from having a good credit score and good credit. I have always been told not to worry about paying any medical issues on my credit report. Is that true? - YGR

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Unpaid hospital bills can affect your credit

Dear Experian, Do unpaid, uninsured hospital bills affect your credit? - SSI

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Medical collection accounts on a credit report

Dear Experian, I have a customer who is trying to resolve a credit issue. I work for a bank. The account entry says “Medical Payment Data.” He does not know how to contact these people to pay the account. Can you help me help this customer? - FNB

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