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Updating balance information

Dear Experian, On your website, you state that you update credit card payments when my bank does. My credit report from your institution is three months behind. This is affecting my credit scores and causing me to be denied credit. - IWR

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Balance on credit report is usually what appears on billing statement

Dear Experian, Is there a way to make a credit search show my current balance on a card rather than the balance on the last statement? - REQ

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Is it better to pay off one credit card or reduce the balances on two?

Dear Experian, If I am trying to raise my credit score, it is better to pay off one credit card entirely or pay down the balance of two cards without paying off either one? - ECH

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Which credit card to start paying first

Dear Experian, Which credit card bill should I pay first? I had a credit card closed by the company because the bank is going bankrupt. On my credit report they list that the account was closed by the consumer, that I have $0 credit available with a balance of $2,568 and an APR of 35.5%. I also have an open credit card with a credit limit of $3,500 and only $80 available (it's maxed out). The APR is 10.99%. - TAS

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