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Business credit cards on your personal credit report

Dear Experian, I am the sole proprietor of an LLC. Will credit cards in my name and the name of the business show up on my personal credit report? - AHK

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Getting a business credit report

Dear Experian, How do I get a credit report for a business? - GLE

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Business credit card not appearing on personal credit report

Dear Experian, I have a business credit card that I am the only one who uses and pays. Does this business card help my personal credit score if I keep it in good standing? Right now it does not show up on my personal credit report. How can I make it happen? - BYN

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The relationship between personal and business credit reports

Dear Experian, You have recently responded to a question for those that short-sell their homes without being late on their mortgage payments. Under the same line, what effect does it have doing a short-sale for those people that plan to set up a business in the future? - OGC

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