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Using secured credit cards to improve credit history

Dear Experian, What is your opinion about using secured credit cards to improve credit history, especially if there is no current history (last entries were in 2004)? - PAS

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Why it is important to establish credit when you are young

Dear Experian, Why is it important to establish credit while you're young? If I don’t establish any credit will it affect my future and why? - OZY

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Adding new spouse as authorized user can help build credit history

Dear Experian, My wife had no credit history before we were married. I set her up as authorized user for a couple of my frequently used credit cards. Does this help her build up her credit history? - HNA

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Secured credit card could help build a positive credit history

Dear Experian, Will a secured credit card establish and built a credit score for my 19-year-old son? - WND

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Being a cosigner can help build your credit

Dear Experian, I currently have no credit. Not bad credit, no credit. I am interested in purchasing a new vehicle and a family member has offered to cosign. However, we've been offered zero percent interest because of her excellent credit but only if she's the primary and I cosign. If we do this and I am the one who makes the payments monthly, will me being the cosigner give a positive effect and establish my credit? - SSL

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