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The Inclusion Forward™ initiative is our commitment to providing data, resources and support to businesses and financial institutions in helping consumers improve their financial well-being.

The dream of owning a home or starting a business can seem out of reach for millions in vulnerable populations. Financial inclusion requires us all to find and facilitate solutions. Through Inclusion Forward – Experian Empowering Opportunities™, we’re leveraging our data, analytics and technology to help clients expand financial opportunities for their consumers and remove barriers to obtaining credit, thus helping consumers achieve their financial goals.

Equity, accelerated

We empower clients and consumers through our products that help improve financial health. Explore the products we deliver directly to consumers and learn more about our offerings across client sectors.

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Putting our data to work

Through our Inclusion Forward™ initiative, we help our clients and communities use powerful tools to remove barriers to credit access and improve financial health. Some of those resources include:

  • Experian Go™ is a free program for those looking to establish and build credit for the first time.
  • Experian Boost™ helps consumers use positive payments on utility, telecom and video streaming service bills to potentially improve their credit scores and gain access to more than $1.7 billion in credit.
  • Experian Lift Premium™ offers an advanced credit score that aggregates proprietary data resources for expanded lending opportunities and improved predictive accuracy.
These are just some of our products and services that drive our financial inclusion efforts. See how else we’re changing lives through our unique offerings.

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Husband and wife shaking hands with a business man
$255 billion

Paid on interest and fees for everyday financial services by vulnerable and financially coping households

Source: Financial Health Network, 2021 FinHealth Spend Report

30 percent

Black business owners whose access to credit is their largest challenge in the next 12 months

Source: Federal Reserve, 2021 Small Business Credit Survey

A collaborative effort

See how we’re using our data and analytics to reach a broad group of clients and consumers in marginalized communities and advance their financial health journeys.

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