A community of belonging

A great workplace culture results from a collective effort to attract top talent, provide opportunities for growth and development, and celebrate differences. Teammates drive our award-winning culture, one where people of all backgrounds have equal opportunities to grow, thrive and succeed.

Charlie stands gleefully with his coworkers, donning pride gear

“Being out at work”

“As a trans man, I do have apprehension of being out at work for my own comfort and safety. While at Experian, my apprehension was quickly lifted and I decided to be out at work. In doing so, I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of so many great events locally and at the Experian Pride Network level. I’m so glad I’m able to tell my story and bring my whole self to work.”

Charlie H. (He/Him)
Implementation Specialist

Deja stands with her son at SeaWorld.

“Support from our community”

“The community here is welcoming and makes me feel comfortable. I am able to work full-time and still be an active advocate for my son. My supervisor is understanding and lenient. If it weren’t for Experian allowing us to work remote, my son wouldn’t be able to receive ABA therapy or other resources that he needs in order to be an adequate individual. For that, I am very thankful.”

Deja C. (She/Her)
Senior Contracts Administrator

Tanya standing next to her coworkers at an Experian ERG event

“Making a difference”

“As a Latina woman, it’s important to me to work in an environment where different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences are valued and leveraged. I’ve been so inspired by the strong female leaders that I’ve had the privilege to work with at Experian, and I feel hopeful for the continued focus on equity across positions of leadership within Experian.”

Tanya T. (She/Her)
Director, Customer and Employee Experience

Two Experian employees wearing blue volunteer shirts exercising at an Experian event

Be yourself here

We work hard to create an environment where each and every one of our people feel valued and represented. We want all of our teammates to feel they belong and that Experian® is a place they can reach their fullest potential.

Two Experian employees wearing blue volunteer shirts exercising at an Experian event
Craig Boundy, Experian NA CEO dancing with a traditional Chinese dragon at an Experian ERG event

Investing in our people

We focus on developing top talent from all backgrounds to be part of our high-performing, innovative and inclusive culture. This ensures we have the right people, doing the right things, to support the professional growth of our people and the company.

Craig Boundy, Experian NA CEO dancing with a traditional Chinese dragon at an Experian ERG event
Two Experian employees talking together during an Experian New Employee event

Recruiting a diverse workforce

We search across all populations to hire great people and increase diversity throughout our organization. We’re successfully tapping into social media channels to recruit from all generations, are active at diverse conferences to broaden our outreach and are investing deeper into our employee referral program because we know our people are our best ambassadors.

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Two Experian employees talking together during an Experian New Employee event

Inclusion at work

Carlos posing next to a Drag Queen

“Free to be me”

“I am a gay man that works in an open company that allows me to be myself, where I don’t need to hide and be free. I don’t know if I ever questioned my identity here, because I ALWAYS feel like I am me 100% of the time.”

Carlos F. (He/Him)
Data Researcher

Nicole speaks at an Experian Elevate event

“Proud to be here”

“Our leaders at every level are thoughtful, intelligent, engaging and human. Their approachable style yet innate ability to motivate people to bring their best self every day is unique and quite amazing. Our culture is one of high performance yet acceptance and it is modeled at every level of our organization. It is 100% why I am proud to be here.”

Nicole R. (She/Her)
Chief Commercial Officer

Harry stands between his coworkers at an Experian event.

“Everyone cares for each other”

“Our people are supportive and are willing to go the extra mile. We operate as a team and find that superior performance is achieved as a team. Everyone is an integral part and, as such, we care not only about work but everyone’s well-being. It’s family-like how everyone cares for each other.”

Harry B. (He/Him)
Director, Strategic Programs

People power

A sense of belonging is consistently and universally tied to our employees’ workplace commitment, motivation, pride and recommendation. A focus on belonging helps us frame inclusion initiatives at Experian.

Two Experian employees posing for the camera during a new employee event

Attracting diverse talent

Building a workforce that’s reflective of the communities where we live and work bolsters innovation and better enables us to bring new products to market to help close the financial wealth gap.

Two traditional mariachi dancers dancing together during an Experian ERG event

A place where you belong

We work to foster belonging through multiple employee resource groups (ERGs), clubs and events. We also offer numerous volunteer programs and initiatives, allowing employees and leaders to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

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